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Gender-Affirming Healthcare

Dr. Venessa Madrigal addresses your physical, mental and emotional health to support you in your journey whoever you are, however you present, whichever pronouns you use, and whomever you love.

Whether you are seeking general healthcare from a queer, gender-affirming provider or seeking transition, Dr. Madrigal is trained to support you.

There are a number of gender-affirming interventions for those seeking transition such as hormone therapy, surgery, hair removal, facial feminization, tracheal shave, modification of speech and communication, and/or behavioral adaptations such as genital tucking or packing, or chest binding. 

Learn more about Dr. Madrigal's approach and services provided.

Dr. Madrigal's Approach:

Informed Consent Model 

The informed consent model in gender-affirming healthcare seeks to acknowledge and better support the patient’s right to and capability for personal autonomy in choosing their care options. Dr. Madrigal shares the benefits and risks of possible treatment options and provides support to the patient by taking time to listen, answer questions and support the patient in each step and decision for their mental and physical health.

Working with Dr. Madrigal

Dr. Venessa Madrigal is a queer cis-gender Latinx (she/they) naturopathic physician providing Gender-Affirming Healthcare to children, adolescents and adults, addressing physical, mental and emotional needs.


For children and adolescents, Dr. Madrigal provides care in co-management with a pediatric endocrinologist.


For adults, Dr. Madrigal offers care in general healthcare, gender-affirming hormones, and provides referrals for gender-affirming surgeries and procedures.

Interested in learning more?

Connect with Dr. Madrigal in a consultation call to further discuss your healthcare needs and goals.

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