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Dr. Venessa Madrigal combines modern medicine with holistic healing in an effort to provide the best individualized treatment for each person to optimize their health.

Naturopathic Medicine

An integrative approach to your healthcare utilizing an array of tools to help you optimize your health and well-bring. Services for kids, teens, & adults.

Integrative Mental Health 

LENS Neurofeedback is a unique treatment to improve mental, emotional & brain health for kids & adults. Routine & speciality lab testing to assess physiological cause(s) of mental & brain health conditions. 

Gender-Affirming Healthcare

Providing care to children, adolescents, and adults for their physical, mental and emotional needs regarding their gender identity. Offering hormones, referrals for surgeries, procedures. 

Mold-Related Chronic Illness
Do you have a variety of chronic "untreatable symptoms"? Did you live or work in a place with mold?
You could have a treatable mold-related illness.

Image by Josh Calabrese


"that which gives life to people" 

in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs

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